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 » BaKTI Highlights January-February 2013
BaKTI Highlights January-February 2013

Welcome to the first of our 2013 Highlights. A new year, but already filled with activity and achievements at BaKTI.

First, we have news from our smart practices. Bapak Ismail Husen, an initiator of a family planning utilizing vasectomies movement, a smart practice from the 2009 Eastern Indonesia Forum from North Sulawesi, was awarded the Metro TV Kick Andy Hero 2013 award, an amazing and very high profile acknowledgement. Ibu Maria Loretha, an Inspirator at the Eastern Indonesia Regional Discussion on Climate Change with her 'Let's Plant Sorghum' movement, has just been named an Ashoka Fellow. The smart practice from Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, the Community-Based Education Information System (SIPBM) has been replicated by Palu City for its Palu Zero Poverty program. The smart practice from Maluku Tenggara Barat, "Waiting Houses: A ray of hope for pregnant women" has also been replicated by Sitaro district, North Sulawesi, as has the Motor Cycle Health Services Smart Practice from Flores Timur, NTT, by Minahasa Utara District (North Sulawesi).

The first BaKTI Development Study Tour was conducted from 18 – 19 February 2013 in Polewali Mandar District, West Sulawesi, focused on the Community-Based Education Information System  (SIPBM), a smart practice promoted in the 6th Eastern Indonesia Forum last September. A pilot activity to support development actors to learn about and replicate local smart development initiatives by learning directly from the smart practices initiators, the first tour was a great success. Participants come from various institutions such as BAPPEDA Kabupaten Bone; staff from the Transportation Department, and Information & Communication Department from TTU District, NTT; and staff from Research & Development Unit of Southeast Sulawesi; as well as participants from Sulawesi NGOs.

On February 28, 2013, Eastern Indonesia Forum Maluku Province held a discussion and promotion of the Smart Practice from Maluku Tenggara Barat District "Waiting Houses: A ray of hope for pregnant women".  The Head of Maluku province Bappeda, Bapak Antonius Silaholo delivered a speech and opened the discussion. As a resource person, Dr. Juliana Ratuanak, the head of Maluku Tenggara Barat Health Department, presented the initiative and inspired the participants with her simple and touching story from the field. Participants included the Head of the Maluku Province Health Department; the Head of Ambon City Health Department; representatives of Health Departments from other districts in Maluku; representatives from the women’s caucus of Parliament; and staff from NGOs and international development partners. There were several new smart practices identified in this discussion. The identified smart practices were recorded in the BaKTI database.

The Eastern Indonesia Forum at provincial level (Forum KTI Wilayah) conducted several other smart practice events including: NTB (February 14, 2013) with the theme Sustainable Agriculture in Former Mineral Mining Zones; NTT (February 23, 2013) with the theme The Management of Woman’s Small Business Enterprises: Smart Practices from Sehati Manutapen; West Sulawesi (February 24, 2013) with the theme Local Culture for Development.

Upcoming Forum KTI Wilayah Discussions:

Gorontalo, March 16, 2013

Theme: Mechanism of collaboration and planning integration in Musrenbang based on community initiatives in Pahuwato District (live radio broadcast)

North Maluku, March 23, 2013

Theme: Leprosy Care in Ternate


BaKTI is the network partner for the online global competition being run by Ashoka Changemakers & Boehringer Ingelheim, Transforming Health Systems: Gamechanging Business Models ( BaKTI has been asked to facilitate information dissemination regarding the competition on BaKTI’s media platforms. 

During January-February 2013, there were 535 visitors to BaKTI, consisting of 460 men and 75 women. Of these, 280 were users of the library/study centre and 255 came to access the internet. The number of books in the library is now 2,949 and we received donation of 5 new books in this period. We also received 79 new publications (books, newsletters, brochures, CDs, reports and guidelines) from BaKTI partners.

Total number of Sahabat BaKTI as of February 28, 2013 is 1,180 members, consisting of 744 men and 436 women. The members come from different backgrounds such as academia, non-profit, media, government, and private sector. Sahabat BaKTI’s mailing list is moderated by BaKTI and BaKTI shares knowledge and information daily, including scholarship opportunities, development articles, interesting events and development vacancies.


If you have any publication materials able to support BaKTI in improving knowledge exchange in the region that you wish to display in our library, please send to us at following address:

Yayasan BaKTI

Jl. H.A.Mappanyukki No32, Makassar 90125
Phone: + 62 411 832228/833383
Contact Person: Sumarni (Librarian)



Total number of participants in events at BaKTI for the period of January to February 2013 was 446 and 17 events were held at the BaKTI facility (facilitated by BaKTI and also by BaKTI’s development partners) during this period, including:


16 January 2013

Training for Child Welfare Research Facilitators

Research Center for Child Protection (PUSKA PA) University of Indonesia and UNICEF conducted a training for researchers on "Baseline and Normative Information to Inform Violence against Children Behavior Change Strategy and Intervention” at BaKTI Office Makassar.  The training was attended by 10 participants from PUSKA PA, UNICEF and government agencies.


31 January 2013

Film Screening and Discussion

BaKTI in collaboration with Makassar NGO Komunitas Rumah Ide Makassar and Indocs Jakarta held a film screening and discussion with the theme Story of the Screen. Two films screened in this event titled “Maaf, Bioskop Tutup” directed by Ardi Wilda Irawan and “The Last journey” directed by Endah WS focused on cinematic history in Indonesia.  A total of 54 people attended this event, mainly coming from the film community and student community.


8 February 2013

Inspirasi BaKTI “Your Voice Determines your Fate”

This time Inspirasi BaKTI raised the issue of female politicians’ roles in community empowerment.  BaKTI held a presentation and discussion with a theme “Your VoiceDdetermines your Fate”.  Asia Pananrangi, Deputy of Parliament in Bone District was the speaker. This event promoted activities inspired by woman in bringing about change in their community, and also to open space for dialogue among development actors, especially women and other participants to share experiences and build synergy in their activities. This event was attended by participants from local government, NGO/CSOs, academia, media and the general public. 


11 February 2013

Training on thematic learning for Elementary School Teachers

Kelompok Kerja Kepala Sekolah (Principals Working Group) of Elementary Schools in Kecamatan Tamalate, Makassar, conducted training on thematic learning for Elementary School teachers. This training aimed to improve the ability of teachers in designing lesson plans, in implementing better learning in the classroom, and to enrich teachers’ knowledge in teaching students. 51 teachers attended this training.


Upcoming event at BaKTI:

Inspirasi BaKTI, “Taman Paditungka - Integrated Programs for Early Childhood”, 26 March 2013

Inspirasi BaKTI, “Geng Motor Imut Initiatives”, 19 April 2013


BaKTI provided support to 43 client requests in January and February 2013 including:


Request from Makassar city government to recommend resource persons with public service knowledge and expertise


Request from PNPM Support Facility for list of NGOs focus on disabilities in Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua


Request from Hellen Keller Indonesia (HKI) Makassar for donor program list/matrix in South Sulawesi


Request from Yayasan Inovasi Pemerintah Daerah (YIPD) for local NGOs in South Sulawesi able to provide resource persons for a Public Consultation Revision of Law No.32/2004 on Local Government conducted in South Sulawesi


Request from NZAid for contact details of Governor and Provincial BAPPEDA in eastern Indonesia


A number of requests to disseminate information on vacancies, events, etc

If you have a query (e.g. request for contact person or document) or an event or program that needs our support services, please email


Keep up with the latest news and data from eastern Indonesia through our media platforms- BaKTINews,, Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists and even our SMS broadcast. has around 15,700 unique visitors who go to around 30,000 pages each month. Our opportunities (vacancies and scholarships) information remains one of the most popular pages and topics such as health and education get the most hits.


Our Facebook ( remains the most interactive and active way our stakeholders keep up to date with BaKTI. We had a surge in new followers and have gained over 1000 new ‘fans’ since December. We are also on Twitter (@InfoBaKTI) and have over 600 followers. We have a new Twitter Friday feature where were share information on BaKTI programs using #InfoBaKTI.

Our Youtube channel is also getting traffic with over 4,000 views to date. We recently uploaded all the material from the Eastern Indonesia Forum events so go to  to revisit the great speakers and smart practices.

Our communication team was asked to deliver Smart Practice Documentation Training for the Health Department of Halmahera Selatan District’s Malaria Center by UNICEF on 25 - 28 March 2013. 23 participants, representatives of various offices that support the integrated effort to combat malaria in Halmahera Selatan District, including Health and Education Departments, Village Community Development Board, schools, and local radio stations, attended the training. The participants were divided into three groups based on their interest: writing, graphic design, and documentary video. One mentor led each group. All learning materials in this training were based on BaKTI experiences of documenting smart practices throughout eastern Indonesia and from producing BaKTI publication materials. During the training, participants learned and worked through the creative process. From the training they acquired a new perspective on documenting success stories from their daily work. They learned how to capture the key message of the stories and adapt it for different media. 

In January, BaKTI also held the 3rd Bengkel for Effective Development Communication, our training series for communication related topics. The 3rd Bengkel was titled Behind the Campaign: Soft Campaign Tools and set out to introduce alternative methods of campaigning using social media, fundraising and a community-based approach. Attended mainly by young activists, the Bengkel was a good opportunity to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at major Indonesian campaigns such as Cicak and Buaya from the KPK and League of Change HIV Awareness campaign.


Programs Managed by BaKTI

Part of the Eastern Indonesia Forum, JiKTI is currently funded by a grant from the Revitalizing the Knowledge Sector program. An application for JiKTI's database was developed and completed in January and data entry began in February 2013. The online version of the ResearchMinder application aims to manage member profiles, include a contact database and catalog of research activity, in order to help map the network’s capacity. This application allows members to update their own profile and see the profile of other JiKTI members, including research, publication, projects and organizational experiences.  In order to socialize ResearchMinder, JiKTI started a series of Roadshows targeting the network members. The event includes a simulation session to access and update profiles in the application. In February 2013, the first Roadshow was held in Sulawesi Tenggara to officially launch ResearchMinder to members.

The World Bank PEACH program component managed by BaKTI will come to an end in March 2013. Final activities included 4 final NewsCafe events: Makassar (January), Kendari (February), Jayapura (February) and Manado (February). A training session for media (Pelatihan Membaca APBD) was also held in Sulawesi Tenggara, Sulawesi Utara and Sulawesi Selatan in February Facilitated by BaKTI, local media and World Bank staff worked well together. In Kendari the training even resulted in a guide for reporting on budgeting, which will be published in print form for reporters.  Roadshow events to disseminate results of PEACH reports also took place in Sulawesi Utara, Gorontalo and Papua in three districts per province.

Barefoot Engineer Training III in Papua has reached the final month. 290 participants are in the process of familiarizing themselves with materials about PNPM Pedesaan in West Papua and PNPM RESPEK in Papua. FRom January to February, participants focused on finalization of technical materials, facilitation skills and field practice. Overall, the process went well, challenges were mainly related to the tight schedule, but the participants, instructors and the implementation team worked hard to make sure that participants got the knowledge and skills as intended. A coordination meeting was also held in this period to discuss progress and planning for the final month (March) including preparation for delivering of PNPM materials.

MAMPU (Women’s Leadership Program) is starting off strongly. In February, MAMPU held a Capacity Building Training in Finance and Management for local partners. This was followed by a briefing of survey staff who will work on the upcoming Community Hopes for Women Members of Parliament Survey in the 3 MAMPU work areas. Survey results and research undertaken by the Pusat Penelitian Pengembangan Kependudukan dan Gender (P3KG) Universitas Hasanuddin will form the basis of the 7 year concept note for MAMPU. On February 22 in Bali, 23 participants consisting of women Members of Parliament and NGO partners came together to share information in the 5 key issue areas to assist in the long-term design of MAMPU.


MAMPU also began the capacity building process with BaKTI, starting an OCPAT process in January, followed by STATT activities. This will form the basis for future capacity building for BaKTI as an institution.



The AIPD Knowledge Management Program has also begun in earnest. Recruitment in 5 provinces (Papua, Papua Barat, NTT, NTB, Jawa Timur) has been a major focus, as has preparing Needs and Readiness Assessment documents in readiness for initial workshops with government staff interested in setting up provincial and district resource centers to provide more accurate data for development planning.

Upcoming Events in Eastern Indonesia:

  1. Socialization of P2KP 2013 (Pusat Penganekaragaman  Konsumsi dan Keamanan Pangan) Agriculture Department of Indonesia, Manado - North Sulawesi March 18th, 2013

  2. Meeting for Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI) Ambon - Maluku, March 21st, 2013

  3. Festival Legu Gam,  Ternate - North Maluku, April 1st - 14th 2013

  4. North Sulawesi Provincial Musrenbang, Manado, April 5th 2013

  5. Indonesia - Germany Interfaith Dialogue III, with topic “Advancing Religious And Cultural Cooperation through Education,” Manado - North Sulawesi, April 7 - 13th, 2013

  6. Malaria Participatory Learning and Action Facilitator Jamboree, South Halmahera, North Maluku, April 25th, 2013

  7. Teluk Jailolo Festival, West Halmahera - North Maluku, May 16-18th, 2013, for further information visit:

  8. Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival, Lombok - West Nusa Tenggara, June  29 - 30th, 2013

  9. Baliem Valley Festival 2013, Wamena Papua, August 8 - 10th, 2013

  10. Sail Komodo 2013, Labuan Bajo - East Nusa Tenggara,  September 7 -15th, 2013

  11. 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering 2013 (ICOME 2013) with the theme "The Significance of Alternative Energy Towards Eco-Mobility Era", Mataram - West Nusa Tenggara, September 12-14th, 2013, For detailed information, visit

  12. Lombok International Dance Festival. Lombok - West Nusa Tenggara, September  13-15th, 2013

  13. Ambon International Film Festival (AIFFEST), Ambon - Maluku Sept 21st - Oct 30th, 2013