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 » BaKTI Highlights May-June 2013
BaKTI Highlights May-June 2013

Welcome to another edition of BaKTI Highlights!

“The books in the collection at BaKTI library are complete and unique. I can get references easily for my teaching materials.” Comment from Andi Saddapotto, a teacher, about BaKTI’s library.

Currently, the library has 3,078 books and from May-June we received donations of 11 new books. We also received 98 new publications (books, newsletters, brochures, CDs, reports and guidelines) from BaKTI partners. Students, NGO activists and researchers are the main visitors of our library; they utilize publications in our library for their papers and research. The most popular topics of publications in our library include: Education, Economy, Gender, Agriculture and Governance.



Total number of Sahabat BaKTI (Local Makassar-based members) is 1,234 members, consisting of 768 men and 466 women. A mailing list of Sahabat BaKTI is very active to encourage information sharing among members. Sahabat BaKTI’s mailing list is moderated by BaKTI. BaKTI and other members share knowledge and information everyday, including scholarship opportunities, development articles, interesting events and development vacancies. Sahabat BaKTI members recently facilitated their own TOEFL preparation class. Trainer and training materials were organized by the members with a total of 20 people participating per session.

Mulyadi, entrepreneur and university student, said that the up-to-date information from the Sahabat BaKTI mailing list has helped him to catch up with information about eastern Indonesia as he studies outside Makassar and only visits Makassar once a year.  

If you have any publication material able to support BaKTI in improving knowledge exchange in the region that you wish to display in our library, please send to us at following address:

Yayasan BaKTI

Jl. H.A.Mappanyukki No.32, Makassar 90125

Phone: + 62 411 832228/833383

Contact Person: Sumarni (Librarian)

The Eastern Indonesia Forum at provincial level (Regional Eastern Indonesia Forum) held several smart practice sharing events including: Efforts of a Youth Creative Group (LOMPAK) in Overcoming Unemployment and Youth Crime in NTB (20 May 2013); one in North Sulawesi (13 June 2013) with the theme of Private Midwives and Pregnancy Health Insurance; and a Gorontalo TV Mimoza talk show (19 June 2013) with the theme of Innovative Police Programs. The identified smart practices were recorded in the BaKTI database.  During this period, from 25-26 June 2013, BaKTI also facilitated training of writing smart practice stories for NGOs in North Sulawesi. Around 15 participants joined the training. We hope to increase the number of contributors for BaKTI News and BatukarInfo. The Eastern Indonesia Forum North Sulawesi provincial coordinator organized the training. 

The Eastern Indonesia Provincial Heads of BAPPEDA Forum was conducted on 28 June 2013 in Jakarta. The meeting showcased key decentralization research results from the Sulawesi Development Diagnostic and Public Expenditure and Revenue Analysis (PERA) and smart practices such as Data Opening Eyes and Hearts to Effective Development in Sulawesi Barat; The Waiting Houses: Safer Pregnancies and Births in Maluku Tenggara Barat, Maluku; and Integrated Efforts to Fight Malaria in Halmahera Selatan. The meeting was opened by the Deputy of Regional Development and Local Autonomy BAPPENAS and continued with his presentation on “Technocratic Process of National Medium Term Development Planning (RPJMN) 2015-2019 Book III: Regional Development Plan”. In the meeting, all Provincial BAPPEDA heads provided strategic issues/priorities for the RPJMN 2015-2019.  A special workshop will also be conducted to discuss the overall input to RPJMN 2015-2019 Book III from all the eastern Indonesia provinces at the end of August 2013 in Papua. The Head of BAPPEDA Papua Province will be the host for this event. 


Dr. Juliana Ratuanak, the head of Maluku Tenggara Barat Health Offices with her Waiting Houses Initiatives (a smart practice from 2012 Eastern Indonesia Forum) appeared on Tupperware She Can, a TV show to capture stories of ordinary women with extraordinary achievements, on Trans 7 TV (25 May 2013).  The Tupperware She Can crew got the initial information from the BaKTI YouTube and BaKTI Facebook pages. 



During this period, BaKTI conducted two Inspirasi BaKTI, events we hold to provide media and space for development actors to share, and learn about development inspiration in eastern Indonesia.  Total number of participants in events at BaKTI for the period of May to June 2013 was 374. 17 events were held at the BaKTI facility (facilitated by BaKTI and also by BaKTI’s development partners) during this period, including:


16 May 2013

Inspirasi BaKTI :Innovation from Mamuju: One Day Public Services Tour in sub-districts (BAUR SDK) and E-Procurement Services

The Head of Mamuju District, Suhardi Duka shared his innovation in integrated public services, which he describes as easy, fast, cheap, transparent and accountable with wide coverage. This direct services system initiative involves all heads of divisions in Mamuju District for one day a month and each sub-district takes turn.  Integrated public services provided by district government include licensing; the provision of birth certificates, identity cards, and family cards; family planning counseling; distribution of social protection; road maintenance; film screening and other cultural events. In this event, the Bupati also shared his experiences with E-Procurement, which he says saved more than Rp 3 billion of APCD funds. Mamuju District has been chosen by central government as one of 30 pilot districts in Indonesia for E-Procurement services.  

27 May 2013

UNICEF Issue Brief Dissemination event: Making Decentralization Work for Children in Indonesia

UNICEF Indonesia in collaboration with BaKTI conducted a UNICEF Issue Brief Dissemination event with the theme of “Making Decentralization Work for Children in Indonesia”.  Niloufar Pourzand, PhD (Social Policy & Monitoring, UNICEF Indonesia) and Roshni Basu (Knowledge Management Specialist, UNICEF Indonesia) were the resource persons for the event. Dr. Agussalim (UNHAS - Research Centre for Policy and Management of Development & JiKTI Focal Point) also shared his responses to the Issue Brief. Around 47 people consisting of local government staff, legislative members, academics, NGOs, community groups, media, and international development partners attended this event. The discussion noted that our development system is more sector-based, not actor-based. The current development framework focuses on the sectors of education, health, agriculture, and infrastructure, instead of the actors. Therefore, child protection remains a challenging issue. Children are seen as objects, not subject. The local government should aim to strengthen participation by effectively including the voices of children and women in the consultative planning processes (Musrenbang) and other development processes. 


14 June 2013

Inspirasi BaKTI: Google Earth as a Tool to Inform Decision Makers of Minimum Services Standard (SPM) Improvements Needed

John Duff (Deputy Program Director BASICS-CIDA) shared the innovation of the BASICS CIDA program in using Google Earth as a tool to inform decision makers of the improvements of Minimum Services Standard (SPM).  Decision makers need clear, lucid and easily comprehensible information to make decisions. Time is often limited to present analyzed information to decision makers. If presented with complicated verbal or written explanations, tables of figures, or charts, there is a risk of partial to minimum uptake of the information by these decision makers. Spatial representation of data is a proven effective method of quickly conveying concepts to decision makers. GIS and Google Earth are valuable tools that can display this information quickly and simply in 3 dimensional presentations by operators with little to no prior training.  The North Sulawesi BAPPEDA is in the process of rebuilding the office’s spatial planning capacity as a consequence of seeing and using this Google Earth tool. Strong support is forthcoming from this particular BAPPEDA to further disseminate information about  the benefits of Google Earth. 

20 June 2013

NEWSCafé: Survey Results of Capacity and Performance of Women Parliamentarians and Community Expectations

Yayasan BaKTI with MAMPU (AusAID funded Women’s Leadership program) held a NEWSCafé event, an informal discussion with media and key resource people and platform to strengthen media participation and awareness in key women’s leadership issues.  The News Café discussed the survey results of capacity and performance of Women parliamentarians and community expectations in Bone, Sulawesi Selatan; Maluku Province; and Mataram City and Lombok Timur,NTB. Around 25 people attended the discussions including legislative members, academics, media, and NGO activists. 

BaKTI provided support to 31 client requests from May to June 2013 including:

Request from BBC Media Watch for a list of inspiring people from eastern Indonesia.  

Request from Jurnal Celebes  for BaKTI to be a resource person in the Citizen Journalism Festival 

Request from Members of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) for Foreign Affairs to recommended a list of participants for the focus group discussion on ASEAN Connectivity 2015 in North Sulawesi and to be resource person in the discussion.

Request from IAKMI (The Indonesian Public Health Association) Award for recommended smart practices in the health sector

Request from Zamrud Khatulistiwa for contact details for institutions in eastern Indonesia focusing on seaweed, cacao and fisheries. 

Request from Marlon Kamagi for smart practices in community based forest management. 


If you have a query (e.g. request for contact person or document) or an event or program that needs our support services, please email 

From May to June, BaKTI’s online presence was greatly disrupted with a forced migration to new domains. All of our services (mailing list, website, online knowledge exchange, emails) had to be transferred to a new domain for BaKTI, The website is up and we hope to replace any lost data as soon as possible. 

The Batukarinfo website also moved and has found a new home at For more information or to join our mailing list, InfoBaKTI, please email 

In June, BaKTI launched an upgraded SMS broadcast system. To subscribe to the InfoBaKTI SMS Updates please send us your full contact details (including organization, HP number and email address) to one of the SMS numbers below.

0813 4063 4999


0815 4323 1888


0878 4062 8999

(XL / Others)


Programs and Projects Managed by BaKTI:

USAID Kinerja Papua Program 

From 6 to 7 of May 2013, KINERJA conducted a Health Barriers Seminar (HBS) at Aston Hotel Jayapura. In parallel with the seminar, a PMC coordination meeting also held in the evening. The Heath Barriers Seminar featured several Eastern Indonesia Forum smart practice initiators and provided a platform for Papuan district health officials to learn about the smart practices and brainstorm about other local programs that could also be classified as smart practices and be analyzed for replication. The next PMC coordination meeting is scheduled for July. 


JiKTI (Eastern Indonesia Researcher Network)

JiKTI was in a period of transition in May, due to changes in the Program Officer and handover, but by June activities resumed:

1. Roadshow JiKTI. JiKTI is on a mission to go to the capital of each province in eastern Indonesia to promote and strengthen membership of JiKTI, and to encourage participatory discussion among researchers regarding the role of JiKTI in answering the need for local researchers to establish an active network. The roadshow has been conducted 6 provinces. In June, roadshows ere carried out in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Both activities were conducted and actively supported by Focal Points in respective areas. The roadshow in Nusa Tenggara Timur was attended by 26 participants and by 27 participants in Nusa Tenggara Barat.

2. JiKTI’s mailing list migration Due to BaKTI’s e-mail system going through changes in its domain; JiKTI has established its new mailing list at JiKTI’s mailing list is a medium where members are provided with information regarding development data and policy briefs made from donors related to development. 

3. Review of Final Research from 11 recipients of JiKTI Research Grants. JiKTI has received results from 11 recipients of research grants by The Asia Foundation and JiKTI. A review was conducted by the JiKTI Review Team (Nursini Mahmud, Ahmad Zaini and Wilson Therik). The finalization of the review was carried out and will be sent to the 11 grantees to makes changes as based on the review results. 

4. Establishment of JiKTI’s Stock of Knowledge. Stock of Knowledge is a joint network established by JiKTI in collaboration with Springfield to help members of JiKTI in their endeavor to establish active collaboration and network. The Stock of Knowledge can now be accessed at



The Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction (MAMPU) program is a collaborative program between BaKTI and AusAID. The first phase of the program was started on September 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013. Several activities were carried out during the period of May – June 2013:

Capacity Building BaKTI – STATT:

1. Workshop on BaKTI’s Standard Operating Procedure was carried out on Tuesday – Wednesday, May 14 – 15 at BaKTI office. 

2. National Seminar: "Management of Foundation" related to BaKTI capacity building was held on Wednesday – Thursday, May 29-30, 2013 in Bogor.

3. Knowledge Management Workshop was attended by 4 staff representing Yayasan BaKTI. The event was held by STATT on June 10 - 11, 2013 in Jakarta.

4. Workshop of PSAK 45 Financial Statement for Company/Nonprofit organization was attended by 2 staff from Operations Units. The event was held by STATT on June 25, 2013 in Jakarta.

5. Meeting of Revised AD/ART Framers with Board, Trustees and Patrons of Yayasan BaKTI was held on June 29, 2013. In this meeting, the revised draft of AD/ART was handed over by the team to the Trustees of Yayasan BaKTI to obtain feedback.

Consultation with Local and National Stakeholders:

1. Workshop on Social Protection Programs, implemented by AusAID on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in Jakarta.

2. Partners Forum MAMPU The event was held by YAPPIKA on June 26 – 28, 2013 in Bogor. In this meeting, BaKTI delivered a presentation on MAMPU Program Design for the next 7 years. 

Dissemination of Research/Survey results (Policy Brief: Women Member of Parliaments of Eastern Indonesia- Hope and Reality) was held on June 20, 2013 at BaKTI office. 


BaKTI is currently working with both AusAID ACCESS and Kopernik to promote their programs on BaKTI’s media. ACCESS is utilizing the BaKTINews platform to promote lessons learnt from its program. Kopernik’s AusAID Indonesia Social Innovator Award is currently being promoted on all BaKTI media. 

BaKTI Upcoming Events 

1. Vibrant Training for Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (JiKTI): Vibrant Communication for Researchers, 22-24 July 2013

2. Inspirasi BaKTI, Prima Kesehatan: “Improvement of District Health Management Capacity in South Sulawesi”, TBA

3. Eastern Indonesia Provincial Heads of BAPPEDA Forum Workshop: Integration of Strategic Issues of Eastern Indonesia Development into RPJMN 2015-2019 Background Study, 30-31 August 2013 (tentative) – Jayapura. 

Upcoming Events in Eastern Indonesia

- Festival Togean 2013, Togean Island - Central Sulawesi, July 23rd-26th 2013

- Kemilau Sulawesi Exhibition VIII 2013. Manado, North Sulawesi, July  25-28 2013.

- Baliem Valley Festival 2013, Wamena Papua, August 12 - 15th, 2013

- Tomohon International Flower Festival 2013, Tomohon - North Sulawesi, August 8 - 12th 2013

- The 4rd SIDE 2013 (Sulsel Incorporated & Development Expo), Makassar - South Sulawesi, August 15 - 18th 2013

- Toraja Festival 2013, Tana Toraja - South Sulawesi, August 22nd-23th 2013

- Indonesia Health Policy Network in cooperation with AusAid - 4th NATIONAL FORUM IV, Kupang- East Nusa Tenggara, September 4th-7th 2013

- Sail Komodo 2013, Labuan Bajo - East Nusa Tenggara,  September 7-15th, 2013

- Ambon Bay Festival, Ambon - Maluku, September 11th - 14th 2013

- 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering 2013 (ICOME 2013) with its theme "The Significance of Alternative Energy Towards Eco-Mobility Era", Mataram - West Nusa Tenggara, September 12-14th, 2013. 

- Lombok International Dance Festival. Lombok - West Nusa Tenggara, September  13-15th, 2013  

- Ambon International Film Festival (AIFFEST), Ambon - Maluku Sept 21st - Oct 30th, 2013

- National Symposium of Accounting XVI: Theme Towards a Qualified Financial Management, Transparent, and Accountable, Manado - North Sulawesi, September 25-28th 2013. 

- Raja Ampat Festival 2013, Raja Ampat - West Papua, October 18th-21st 2013

- National Conference of Ecology Change, Kupang – NTT, 14-15 October 2013, more information:

- International Symposium of Sago, Manokwari - West Papua, November 5th - 8th 2013