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Batukar Info (Online Knowledge Exchange Portal)

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 » Batukar Info (Online Knowledge Exchange Portal) is an Eastern Indonesia Region development information exchange media facilitated by BaKTI. In this first development portal in the KTI, development actors can contribute directly to the activity of knowledge exchange by sending news coverage, submitting articles, creating group discussions or participating in existing groups. According to its name (Batukar- a familiar term amongst people in Eastern Indonesia which means to exchange), it describes the passion of the actors and those concerned with development in the Eastern Indonesia  Region to meet and share knowledge in Batukar.

The name 'Batukar' was selected because it reflects the uniqueness and also represents the passion for sharing and exchanging knowledge.  The term 'batukar' is a term widely understood by the people of Eastern Indonesia Region. A unique feature of Batukar is that you can also interact with the practitioners, researchers, activists, government staff and key figures to exchange experiences, expertise, success stories, progress and development challenges.    

By being a contributor in Batukar, you can create your own blog and have discussions in the community blog as well as develop discussion forums. You can also join in a network based on your topic of interest such as the environment, health, education, gender, community development and governance.  

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