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Thank you BaKTI for facilitating BaKTI Inspiration’s Smart Practice Discussion to share information about JICA Prima Kesehatan Program in Barru, Bulukumba, and Wajo districts in South Sulawesi. One of the results of the discussion is that several districts have been identified to express their interest to replicate the practice, supported by letters signed and sent by the Regents of Bone and Pangkep districts respectively. In addition, Maros and Takalar districts have also verbally stated their willingness to replicate Prima Kesehatan. This result has been made possible due to the facilitation from BaKTI Foundation through the aforementioned BaKTI Inspiration event. Thank you, BaKTI Foundation.

Program Advisor for JICA Technical Cooperation Project for Improvement of Health Management Capacity (Prima Kesehatan)
Burhanuddin Kadir

Emulating what BaKTI has been sharing, such as the Smart Practices, is an important step. We are indeed honing in on hidden pearls from the East.

Kompasiana, Kompas Media
Pepih Nugraha

To me, JiKTI has opened the door of opportunities and great benefits for self-development through collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a young researcher, I have been supported in a great deal in expanding my network with researchers from inside and outside of the country.


Southeast Sulawesi Focal Point of the Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (JiKTI)
Ma’ruf Kasim

  • Since participating in the Development Study Tour, I have been working more enthusiastically. I will share my experience and knowledge which I gained from iMut Bikers Gang (Geng Motor iMut) to the people in my area to spur more innovations.

Operational Staff of the Wallace Trust – A participant of the Development Study Tour
Taufiq Rahman

I really appreciate the work that BaKTI has been producing. Due to the information shared by BaKTI, more women from Eastern Indonesia have the opportunity to get more exposure for their activities and in turns, this can inspire other women through the Tupperware SheCAN! Program. Hopefully, more women from Eastern Indonesia will emerge and inspire others.

Researcher for Tupperware SheCAN!
Suci Haryati


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