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Maju Perempuan Indonesia untuk Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (MAMPU)















MAMPU-BaKTI Program works through the national and local parliament women's caucuses, women and men parliament members who support gender issues. They endeavour to accelerate reforms at the policy level with regard to 5 themes, as follows:
1. Opening access to the Government's social protection program for poor women.
2. Opening access to employment and eradicating discrimination in the workplace for women.
3. Improving the conditions for women migrant workers.
4. Improving women's leadership for better reproductive health.
5. Improving women's leadership for reducing violence against women.
•    Women and men parliament members who are sensitive towards gender issues, has a clear understanding regarding regarding their roles and has the necessary skills for advancing, defending and being involved in the process of realising the aspirations of their constituents, especially the poor.
•    The establishment of a relationship between CSOs and the parliament in order to influence  decision making in the laws and policies related to the 5 MAMPU themes.

1.    Within the Parliament
•    Strengthening the capacity of women parliament members through training, mentoring, comparative studies and other methods regarding the core duties and functions (legislation, gender budgeting and oversight), understanding the regulations associated with their core duties and functions, public speaking and strengthening the perspectives on the MAMPU themes as well as the relevant regulations.  
•    Strengthening the capacity of male parliament members to build a gender and poverty perspective   through training, mentoring, comparative studies and other methods as necessary.
2.    Beyond the Parliament
•    Providing support in the form of data and understanding regarding MAMPU issues, strengthening capacity and experts who are organised by local partners from various circles and sources.
•    Developing a local NGO/CSO, Political/Parliamentary Women's Caucus and Political Party network for policy advocacy and mentoring.
•    Developing a media network for publicising the outcomes of the work of women parliament members.
•    Developing synergies with the Government through coordination meetings with the relevant government technical implementation units/agencies and networking with the women parliament members.  
•    Strengthening the communities/constituents through critical education on economic, social and cultural rights, civil and political rights as well as eduction on politics and organising and optimising meetings with constituents in order to bring aspirations to the DPRD (Regional House of Representatives).




Rumpun Perempuan Sultra

Contact Person:
Husnawati (Direktur)



Contact Person
Baiq  Titis Yulianti (Koordinator Program)


LP2EM Pare-Pare

Contact Person
Ibrahim Fattah


PPSE-KA Atambua

Contact Person
Mikhaell Leuape (Koordinator Program)


Yayasan Kombongan Situru (Toraja)

Contact Person
Matias Tanan (Koordinator Program)


Arika Mahina - Ambon

Contact Person
Jemmy Talakua (Koordinator Program)



Australian Aid melalui Cowater


Contact Person

Lusia Palulungan
Program Manager MAMPU