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In early February 2011, BaKTI launched a new membership program, Sahabat BaKTI or Friends of BaKTI. The program is open to all who use BaKTI services and facilities, students, academics, NGO staff, donor organization staff, government staff and media. BaKTI created this program to help bring BaKTI and its visitors closer together.

The criteria for becoming a Sahabat BaKTI are simple- fill out a form, attach a photocopy of your ID, and pay a small fee to create your card. Membership is renewed each year. 

What benefits do Sahabat BaKTI members receive?

a. Access to the thousands of publications in our library and the right to reserve books. Sahabat BaKTI members who want to read a book can contact us via email to reserve a book before visiting and we will put it aside immediately. 

b. Priority to receive free books. Sahabat BaKTI members are first in line to receive free books from BaKTI in accordance with their interests and field of expertise. 

c. Access to photocopy machine, scanner and printer.  Sahabat BaKTI members who want to copy information from the BaKTI library can use the csanner for free and the photocopy machine and printer at a cost of Rp 200 per page (maximum 20 pages). 

d. Access to internet. The public data access computers in the library connected to the internet and WIFI are available for members seeking information. 

e. Updated information. Information regarding latest publications in the BaKTI library, development news, scholarships and other information is sent to members by email. 

f. Priority event invitations. Better opportunities for members to attend interesting BaKTI events. 

g. Sahabat BaKTI meeting. Regular discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and learn about inspiring things happening in eastern Indonesia, including distance learning and scholarship opportunities. . 

Sahabat BaKTI wil hopefully lead to a creative and inspiring community of members who support knowledge exchange in eastern Indonesia to bring about positive change. 

To become a Sahabat BaKTI member, please visit Sumarni Arianto (Librarian) at BaKTI or email, or fill form below